Two Way Radio Rentals

Rent Motorola Two Way Radios From TELE-RAD

We offer a range of two-way radio rental opportunities to meet your short term two-way communications needs. Please email for information on renting. Special rental pricing available for volume orders, non-profit organizations and charity events.

  • We have solutions for every company and every budget
  • Huge rental inventory with state of the art technology
  • Immediate delivery at competitive prices
  • Daily, weekly and monthly rates available
  • Equipment packaged in pelican heavy duty road cases
  • Professionally trained Motorola staff
  • FCC licensed Frequencies
  • Match your fleet or stand alone on our own frequencies

Two Way Radio Rental Pricing

Portable Radio Rentals :

  • $12.00 per Unit per Day
  • $30.00 per Unit for Weekend (Fri-Mon)
  • $40.00 per Unit for Week (Mon-Fri)
  • $80.00 per Unit per Month

Additional Batteries $2.50 per Day or $10.00 per Month
Headset $5.00 per Day or $20.00 per Month
Speaker Mics $5.00 per Day or $20.00 per Month

PA System: $35.00 per Day or Weekend

Repeater: $50.00 flat up to 1 month

Mobiles: $15.00 per Day or $50.00 per Week or $100.00 per Month

Programming: $10.00 for 1 freq. $12.50 for 2 freqs.

Please click here to contact our two way radio rental department.

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