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Police Car Cameras Offer Airtight Evidence Gathering with Video Capture from Motorola Police Car Cameras

When it comes to tools for law enforcement agencies, few tools have proven more useful in the assistance of gathering evidence and recording events than police in-car video cameras. Not only are these durable and reliable car video systems ideal for police agencies, but they are also widely used for public transit, transportation, fire, and even in school buses.
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Why Invest in Car Cameras?

Evolving digital video technology is making police car camera systems even more useful for gathering evidence. Cameras, like the Motorola 4RE WatchGuard in-vehicle video camera are becoming commonplace in police cruisers. These cameras offer a wide range of features that make them the top choice on the market today for mobile evidence capture.

  • Panoramic X2 HD dual camera
  • 360° coverage, for complete situational context
  • 12X optical zoom
  • Record-After-the-Fact Technology
  • License plate recognition
  • Integrated GPS
  • Crash detection
  • Recording triggers for lights, siren, AUX, crash, speed, and wireless microphone
  • Up to 155 hours of recording

Aside from the obvious evidence-gathering capabilities, you may be wondering why this type of technology is necessary today.

These are just a few of the reasons why Michigan police officers are using in-vehicle cameras:

  • Defend officers against false accusations
  • Research all accusations to determine the truth
  • Improved review capabilities for the training of officers
  • Improves public opinion of transparency in law enforcement
  • Increased safety for officers as people being arrested are less likely to behave violently when they know there will be a video recording of their actions

The end result is greater transparency, improved public opinion of law enforcement, and better safety for all. Improvements to the evidence gathering process makes vehicle cameras for Michigan police departments and all law enforcement well worth the investment.

Delivering the Technology Your Organization Needs

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