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As a communications provider, we feel strongly that connecting people and teams is vital to operating efficiently and ensuring safer outcomes. Most public safety radio system are designed to provide “in street” coverage. When a large building or structure is constructed, it can deteriorate signal to the point where it is inadequate on the inside. By installing a signal booster system, like a BDA/DAS, we can amplify the outdoor signal indoors, providing first responders with mission critical communications. 

A distributed antenna systems (“DAS”), address two-way radios problems and mobile phone problems at the same time. It works by picking up signals as they enter buildings and distributing them to the hard to reach areas of the building. When done right, a DAS solution can improve signal accessibility up to 90 percent throughout your building.

Tele-Rad partners with premier manufacturers of this equipment, allowing us to service and install the highest quality materials, with expert intelligence.

Better Communication All Around

Did you know that we offer in-building coverage assessments and enhancement solutions for two-way radio, cellular, and Wi-Fi?  Using our advanced frequency  monitoring and GPS mapping equipment, we can create a 3D map of your building which shows the existing interior signal strength.  We can then offer engineered solutions for an in building amplifier and distributed antenna system to enhance the coverage and provide seamless communication.  
This provides significantly more data than testing with a portable radio and therefore ensures your system is at peak performance when it’s needed.

After identifying problem areas, we can install a bi-directional amplifier or other signal booster to provide reliable communications for first responders and others communicating through the building.

If you’re not sure about your current signal strength and want to learn more, contact us today!

Signal Mapping Solutions

Tele-Rad uses state-of-the-art equipment to map signal strength throughout your building. Identifying problem areas is just the first step in the solution, and we are here to help every step of the way.

Signal Strength in any Structure

BDAs are particularly beneficial to organizations that operate in structures made of cement, steel or low-E glass. These buildings are designed and built with materials that are highly disruptive to wireless signals. BDAs help these signals penetrate to the deepest darkest recesses of these buildings to promote better communication all around.

For first responders, a two-way radio is often a lifeline. They rely on signal within buildings and structures, such as large campuses or even parking garages, in order to communicate with each other and dispatchers. Signal amplifiers are often a part of new building codes, as they increase the safety of everyone by enabling communication for first responders, and therefore allow for more effective response to emergencies, offering further protection for individuals living and working in these structures.

Tele-Rad can map signal strength and ensure your system is at peak performance where it’s needed. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation!


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