Incident Management with Ally

Incident Management with Ally


Ally enables personnel to make better use of the information they collect by storing all security data in one centralized database and providing complete data integration throughout the entire system.  All of your organization’s data can be easily searched using keywords, giving your dispatch and response personnel quick and easy access to critical information on location, complainants, vehicles, and more. Master files such as name, vehicle, and premises records can be
easily connected to one another and to incident-based records such as break-ins or maintenance. This results in comprehensive reports that include comments, timestamps, and other critical data. In Ally, data seamlessly flows from the dispatching screens to the incident management screens, making it easy for all personnel to have access to up-to-date information. Dispatchers can keep all pertinent call information on one record instead of manually creating multiple logs to house data, and personnel can pull up a single log and see the entire call history.


The web-based nature of Ally means that your personnel can access the entire software package anywhere and at any time, using any device with an internet connection. This feature allows employees to both enter and access data while away from their computers, using devices such as laptops, tablets, and  smartphones, which eliminates unnecessary trips back to the office. Personnel are able to retrieve important call information from the field and file reports while the details of the incidents are still fresh in their minds, resulting in higher quality data for your organization.

Unified voice, data, video and analytics


Your personnel can collect data and complete accurate reports using Ally’s Incidents page, which includes numerous required and optional fields. Certain field requirements can be customized by system administrators so that every record contains all of the data necessary to meet the needs of your organization. Ally’s dynamic built-in analytics feature allows personnel and administrators to run a variety of reports, such as Daily Activity Reports, and easily summarize the data in your system. That information can then be used to identify trends, adjust responses, and report to your clientele.


Ally draws on more than 30 years of law enforcement software innovation to deliver an integrated, cloud-based software package with policing
dispatch, workflow, and analytics capabilities to the security industry. Contact your local Tele-Rad sales consultant today to learn more! 

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