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Two-Way Radio Rentals - Western and Northern Michigan

Does your business or organization have a short-term need for radio communications, such as seasonal events or annual festivals? Our rental radio service offers a range of two-way radio rental options to meet your two-way communication needs, providing solutions for every company and every budget.

We are proud to offer a variety of Motorola portable radios to meet your needs. We also offer accessories, such as chargers, spare batteries, speaker mics and headsets.

Our daily, weekly, and monthly pricing options allow you to only pay for the times when you need the radios, without long-term commitments or large up-front costs. We are also proud to offer special pricing for volume orders and non-profit organizations.

Do you need to communicate across a wide area? We’ve got you covered! We offer radio repeater rental which allows you to setup our repeater and antenna at your location. We can also offer the power of our West Michigan TRBO system which provides coverage throughout the greater Grand Rapids area.

We Offer…

• Large rental inventory with state of the art technology

• Competitive prices, volume & non-profit discounts

• Daily, weekly and monthly rates

• Convenient pick-up and delivery options

• Professional programming

• FCC licensed frequencies

• Flexibility and options to meet your needs

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