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The usage of quality communication devices for school safety within a district our size is paramount. The Motorola radios we purchased from Tele-Rad give us the ability to communicate efficiently, effectively and discreetly with staff district wide. Whether it's communication in our High School of over 400,000 square feet or for one of the many large scale events on campus, Tele-Rad has provided us with exceptional service and products that meet our daily needs.

Utilizing Motorola Solutions radios from Tele-Rad during Tulip Time has gained us great efficiency. With the festival taking place in a four-mile radius the team is never in the same place at the same time and having the ability for instant communication is imperative to provide an excellent guest experience. They are also used during three parades and provide instant communication to the police department and red cross where we have been able to quickly address medical issues of guests and participants. Read more on our Blog…

Having the ability to communicate clearly with our staff on game day is essential for running successful events and giving our fans the best experience possible. Using radios from Tele-Rad, we are able to ensure that even when our staff is stationed all across campus, we can maintain constant communication and enhance the game day experience for all!

Having the opportunity to utilize rental radios from Tele-Rad to allow staff quick communication between venues, our offices, and our storefront is critical to our day to day operation. Additionally, we are able to extend our radio communication to our festival volunteer leads and transportation team – allowing for seamless troubleshooting and transportation moves during LaughFest and important “in the field” updates.

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