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License Plate Recognition Solutions

License plate recognition (LPR) has been used by law enforcement agencies for decades to help generate leads and close cases. LPR camera systems deployed in fixed, portable and mobile configurations take photos of vehicles and accurately extract license plates, make and model data with date, time and GPS. Detections can trigger real-time alerts to improve safety and productivity, but more importantly, can be searched and analyzed to uncover insights that aid investigations and inform future decisions.

To be most effective with your LPR program you will need cameras that are designed for the results you want to achieve. By utilizing the Motorola Solutions ecosystem, various cameras, mobile applications and even LPR integrations for existing camera systems can work together to provide data that makes a difference.

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Automatic License Plate Detection Features

Robust, Accurate Data Capture

Scan license plates with a variety of camera types, integrations and mobile applications.

Exclusive Search & Data Analysis

Turn your vehicle location data into lead-generating intelligence that helps close cases.

Data Sharing & Retention Control

It's your data - not ours. Easily share it and manage its retention completely on your terms.

License Plate Recognition Cameras from Tele-Rad

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