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Wireless System Maintenance Agreements in Western and Northern Michigan

In any industry, no matter how large your company or organization, your communication system and equipment are critical to your business. A well-planned Wireless System Maintenance Agreement from Tele-Rad will protect both your communication equipment and services, ensuring your business doesn’t experience downtime due to technical problems.

Advantages of Your Wireless System Maintenance Agreement in Western and Northern Michigan

There are many benefits when you take advantage of our Wireless System Maintenance Agreement in Western and Northern Michigan, including saving money and time before it’s too late.

Protect Your Investment:
Receive firmware updates to avoid cyber security threats

Optimize Performance:
Keep your radio equipment operating in peak condition

Priority Service:
Our service contract customers always have first priority

Fast Turnaround Time:
Have your radio equipment working again, faster

No Surprises:
Never worry about receiving an unexpected bill again

Minimize Downtime:
Reduce time lost because of equipment failure

Control Repair Costs:
Be in control of your radio equipment repair costs

Benefits of Our Partnership with Motorola

As an authorized partner with Motorola, you can rely on our expertise. We have access to the latest information and technology in wireless communications. Our technicians are fully trained to test and maintain your equipment so that we can provide excellent service on all radios and accessories. Having a Wireless System Maintenance Agreement in Western and Northern Michigan with us can save your company or organization money, productivity, and time. Get in touch with us to find out what our maintenance agreements cover, such as parts and labor, testing and analyzing of problems, and maintenance checks.

When you choose Tele-Rad, you also choose superior customer care. We go that extra mile to provide you with wireless communication service and equipment you won’t find anywhere else. Our wireless system agreements are an excellent way for you to manage the maintenance of your Motorola radio equipment. Contact us today to request a quote and to discuss the advantages of a maintenance agreement. 

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