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Motorola Two Way Radio Repeater

Your Motorola 2 way radios connect your employees to get the job done safely and efficiently. Ensure your radios have a quality infrastructure to maximize communication while improving clarity and network security with a Motorola two way indoor or outdoor MOTOTRBO radio repeater.

Motorola Indoor MOTOTRBO Radio Repeater

Dead zones occur, especially in the often-missed corners of your warehouse. Ensure reliable communication with a indoor Motorola MOTOTRBO Radio Repeater. Our selection of the Motorola repeater line includes:

  • MOTOTRBO DR 3000 and MTR3000 Repeaters. This solution allows your business to scale communications alongside business growth and eases the transition from analog to digital radio systems. Allowing more frequency than a compact option, the DR3000 and MTR3000 are the perfect middle ground between large-scale and portable repeaters.
  • Motorola RPX Repeater. This option still makes a significant impact when it comes to coverage, even in dead zones. Due to the compact design, this Motorola radio repeater can be taken anywhere. Coverage can be extended indoors and outdoors, which is a particularly useful capability in a dynamic work environment.
  • MOTOTRBO SLR 8000 Base Station Repeater. This option offers powerful trunking abilities, with one of the widest frequency ranges among Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Repeaters available in Western and Northern Michigan. This option, though not portable, remains optimized for your workplace.

Browse the Repeaters Product Catalog and find a solution matched to your business needs.

Motorola Outdoor Two Way Radio Repeater

Not all geographical locations receive the same wide area network coverage, meaning your important communications could be missed if you don’t have the right Motorola MOTOTRBO Digital Repeater to extend reach throughout your Western and Northern Michigan business.

  • P25 Cabinet Repeater. Available in an outdoor enclosure, this device seamlessly integrates with Motorola mobile radios. Battery backup is also available for this solution.
  • SLR 1000 Repeater. This Motorola radio repeater was built for use both indoors and out, and it improves communications in dead zones and remote locations. This option offers energy and space efficiency, as well as dust and water protection.
  • MOTOTRBO SLR 5500 Repeater. This versatile Motorola outdoor two way radio repeater offers clear voice quality in the harshest conditions and broadens the reach of your team’s radio communications to every corner of your workplace. This option can be expanded in the future, should your business grow.

Increase the capacity of your team communications with a Motorola MOTOTRBO Repeater. Enhanced voice communications increase efficiency and workplace safety. Browse the Repeaters Product Catalog and find a solution matched to your business needs, and to discover the right system for your Western and Northern Michigan business or request a quote to get started!

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