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Motorola WAVE™ PTX solution for Western and Northern Michigan

Is your workforce lacking the necessary tools needed for seamless communication in today’s fast and complex world? We understand your need to have the best technology available for your workers, and we’ll show you a variety of products that are advanced, easy to operate, and within your budget.
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Motorola TLK 100

The Motorola WAVE™ two-way radio TLK 100 combines the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of radio communication. Increased connections, efficiency, and productivity within your business are achievable with the Motorola TLK 100, without the need for expanding complex infrastructure.

The sleek design, full battery life, and crystal clear audio will help your employees communicate better in their rugged environment. User-friendly two-way radios will enable them to achieve optimal performance, without the distractions associated with smartphones. Equip your team with the tools they need to achieve the bottom line your business deserves, keep your customers satisfied, and promptly handle emergencies.

Motorola WAVE PTX

Managing all of your radio systems, applications, and broadband networks becomes fast and easy with Motorola WAVE PTX. You can eliminate communication barriers between the traditional office space and industrial areas by easily connecting your MOTOTRBO™ system and smartphones to a single network.

Since private devices rarely utilize the same cellular network, depending on smartphones for communication can hinder your operations if the carrier is unreliable. WAVE PTX gives you control over your business network so that you can better manage your suite of communication devices and give your fleet the best resources for critical connectivity.

WAVE PTX plans vary based on your choice of applications and devices. Contact our professionals to help with setting up your plans for the Motorola WAVE App in Western and Northern Michigan.

Motorola Team Communications

Using the Cell Phone PTT App locally, statewide or nationally can help you instantly connect to your team with the push of a button. Push-to-talk (PTT) isn’t just for two-way radios anymore. It also includes smartphones, tablets, and other devices that you already use.

With Motorola WAVE PTX, we can connect all of your devices and expand your network. Your employees will have additional capabilities to streamline communication, and you can easily manage your cash flow with this simple subscription service.

Contact us today, and we will answer any questions you might have about the advantages of TLK 100 and WAVE solutions. Our team will learn about your current systems, determine what applications fit within your budget, and help you improve your communications network.

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