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First Person Video from Tele-Rad

Body-worn cameras are now being used by public safety agencies as well as commercial businesses and other organizations to capture high-quality first person video. Just the simple fact of having a clearly-visible device recording a situation has been proven to reduce hostility and violence, giving your team peace of mind and a sense of added security. Even when incidents happen, you’ll gain a whole new perspective with real-time footage, from a variety of angles, to see what’s happening as it develops.

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VB400 Camera

The VB400 camera is a versatile, easy-to-use camera, including features such as GPS tracking, bluetooth and wi-fi capability, and the flexibility to attach on a variety of clothing or uniform options. If you’re looking for the full picture, the VB400 offers peer-assisted recording, meaning cameras in proximity to an incident will automatically start recording, giving you all angles of view.

Live Stream Capability

The VB400 is built with live-streaming capability to connect your team members wearing body cameras to the team in the control room. Body camera footage can be live streamed to Avigilon Control Center (ACC), allowing everyone to work together instantaneously.

The VB400 can also be configured to automatically start recording when prompted by a R7 radio or a Bluetooth holster sensor. When the individual wearing the camera enters a potentially dangerous situation, the live stream option on ACC can offer situational awareness, even to those who aren’t physically onsite. Whether you’re streaming live footage to ACC, or activating multiple cameras using Bluetooth sensor monitoring, the VB400 is connected for an efficient and smarter response.

VT100 Camera

The VT100 camera integrates with the same system as the VB400, but offers a smaller and simpler user interface, perfect for frontline workers. Both cameras integrate with a cell phone app, for management at your fingertips.

Video Management

The VB400 and VT100 cameras utilize VideoManager EX. Whether you want to redact videos, share them with external reviewers or simply store them for future reference, VideoManager EX has you covered. And with more videos, cameras and users in one place than ever before, there’s built-in advanced automation to keep workloads manageable. For everything from simplified camera checkout, to data archiving, this intuitive interface is ready to serve your team.

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