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Fire & EMS Wireless Solutions in Western and Northern Michigan

The Motorola Solutions Advanced Fire Suite provides seamless technology that supports your personnel through every step of a mission. Fire and EMS departments using Motorola emergency communications in Western and Northern Michigan are improving response times by accessing and sharing critical information in real time.
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Communications Built For Fire & EMS
We can build you a solid communications solution that will stand up to the most demanding situations.

Motorola P25 Radio Communications

ASTRO® 25 is the world’s leading Project (P25) platform, used by over 11,000 agencies worldwide. It’s real-world performance and proven reliability only continue to evolve as innovations enhance its features, which include:

  • Accessibility in challenging environments like sub-basements, high-rises, and tunnels
  • Reliable voice-integrated data that multiple agencies can view and share simultaneously
  • Future-ready and adaptable to changes in technology
  • Interoperability, with a variety of our APX™ radios working across P25 systems on both digital and analog networks

The Motorola P25 APX two-way radio series is designed for first responders. Check out our selection to see which Motorola P25 APX radios are right for your team. They all feature:

  •  Rugged, durable design
  •  Easy to operate functions
  •  Crystal clear audio

Dispatch Consoles for Emergency Services

Motorola Dispatch Consoles provide your team with reliable, relevant, and real-time service. When your first responders need critical intelligence, data, and communication, they can trust our equipment to help your dispatchers deliver.

Our consoles offer dispatchers interoperable capabilities to reach across multiple applications and resources. Seamless dedicated recording, simple interfaces, and advanced messaging capabilities enhance how quickly and efficiently your responders make decisions.

Motorola Radio Accessories

From intrinsically-safe remote speaker microphones, to heavy-duty headsets with wireless Bluetooth® capabilities, Tele-Rad offers a wide selection of Motorola two-way radio accessories that are designed for use by first responders.

Motorola’s Advanced Fire Suite provides solutions for all three phases of an emergency: incident creation, alerting and dispatch, and response. With a range of product choices integrated into one platform, you can make your operation safer and more efficient. Contact us to learn more!

Fire Pagers

Tele-Rad offers fire paging solutions for both VHF and 800MHz. We offer competitive pricing on fire pagers and accessories from both Motorola and Unication. We can also provide solutions for signal boosting, station alerting, and more.

For VHF paging, we recommend Motorola’s line of Minitor Fire Pagers. Features include up to 16 minutes of voice recording, customizable call alerts, and design to withstand the harshest environments. Browse through our full Catalog of Motorola Accessories to find everything you need to connect your crew and keep them safe.

For 800MHz paging, we offer the G4 single band and G5 dual band pagers from Unication. Both pagers are accepted on the MPSCS system. Tele-Rad is proud to have provided more G4 and G5 pagers in the state of Michigan than any other Unication dealer. Contact us today to request a quote!

Are you experiencing issues with pages not being received due to poor signal? We can help! Tele-Rad is proud to have worked with Unication to develop their one-way signal booster for 800MHz paging. It is a great cost-effective solution to enhance your 800MHz pager coverage. We also offer a variety of other products to boost in-building coverage. 

Ruggedized Computers & Tablets for Fire

Today’s first responders require access to critical information on the frontlines. Ruggedized computers and tablets from Getac are specifically designed to withstand the tough environment of Fire and EMS work.

Learn more about the solutions that we offer or Contact Us to speak with one of our product specialists.

Uniforms and Station Wear

Looking for uniforms, station wear, and other gear? Our TR Tactical division offers uniforms, apparel, and gear from 5.11 Tactical and other proven manufacturers. You can find more information on what TR Tactical offers on our TR Tactical website.

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Discover how all of these features make the State of Michigan Motorola MPSCS P25 System the leading choice for communications solutions for Western and Northern Michigan Fire & EMS. Request a Quote or Contact Us for a free communications assessment to find out more.

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