Curve: The Value-Driven Solution for Busy Environments

If you’re looking for an entry-level two-way radio system to keep your team connected at the push of a button, look no further than the Curve radio. This small and simple radio is perfect for use in smaller facilities, by staff that requires a light-weight more discreet solution, making it an ideal solution for industries such as retail, hospitality, restaurants, schools and more.

The Curve solution is unique because communication takes place over unlicensed 900 mhz frequencies, and additional features such as Voice Assistant, cloud connectivity, and analytics-based data transmission are enabled with a Wi-Fi connection. This combination results in enhanced functionality and reliable communication.

Productivity Goals: Achieved!

Make it easy to stay focused on your customers and connected with your team.

Thanks to the ergonomic device design and intuitive features, your team can stay focused on their goals, whether they are assisting customers, managing inventory, or focusing on loss prevention efforts. These devices are both easy-to-use and built with the durability and battery life to make it through long days on the job. And more, with the add-on Voice Assistant subscription, users can simply use their voice to log in and out of the device, as well as receive voicemails and send voicemails to individuals or entire groups.  

In addition, this communications solution is set apart by the Curve portal. The portal can provide real-time key performance indicators and metrics, which can be used to track radio and personnel productivity. In addition, users can manage employee profiles, radios and permissions with ease. If your organization chooses to add-on the subscription for the Voice Assistance Button (VAB) feature, this subscription can also be easily monitored and managed via the Curve Portal.

Let's work together.

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This solution is currently being used by retailers, restaurants, and other industries right here in Michigan, and your staff should be using it too! Teamwork and communication ensure better outcomes for employees and customers alike, and you can make it happen for your organization with Curve! 

Tele-Rad is Michigan’s leading provider of safety technology solutions, and proud to be a Motorola Solutions ecosystem partner. In addition, we have been selected as a REMC SAVE vendor, allowing us to offer competitively bid pricing compliant with Michigan’s bidding requirements on Curve and other communications equipment, saving you both time and money. Interested in learning more? Our team is standing by to assist you – contact us today!

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