WAVE: Find New Ways to Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses of all shapes and sizes to find new ways to reach customers, continue operations, and keep employees safe. If your team is operating remotely, or offering new services such as delivery or curbside pickup, it’s time to consider what you can do with WAVE.


The WAVE OnCloud mobile application for smartphones and tablets is a critical opportunity if you want to get your communications system operational right away. There’s no need to build infrastructure – any member of your team with a smartphone or tablet can download the easy-to-use app and be connected to team. If there are members of your team who wish to use a two-way radio, the TLK100 is also available with monthly subscription pricing.


WAVE OnCloud allows for remote access to your MOTOTRBO radio system. If managers or other team members have transitioned to working remotely, they can utilize the WAVE OnCloud app or WAVE Dispatch to stay in touch with the radio users at your facility.


WAVE OnCloud can also be useful if your company is deploying new services, such as delivery or curbside pickup. The WAVE system provides location tracking which allows you to see where your employees are to ensure their safety and accountability. In addition, if your team is on the road, they can communicate with the simple push of one button without needing to take their eyes off the road.


This WAVE system allows for one-on-one conversations or communicating in groups at the push of a button. Employees may be uncomfortable providing their personal cell phone number to managers, co-workers, or others, but this app allows you to connect your team seamlessly.


We are hoping that this will be over soon and all businesses and organizations will be able to resume normal operations. If you’re concerned about making long-term commitments or changes to your operations, we have good news. There is no long-term commitment with WAVE. You pay on a monthly basis and have the flexibility to add or remove users at any time. Even better, special pricing is now available for new subscribers!


Contact your local Tele-Rad sales consultant today to get up and running with WAVE!

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