How To Safeguard the Longevity and Functionality of Your Two-Way Radios

While two-way radios are a proven reliable communications asset, they can also be a large investment up front. As with many worthwhile investments, following proper care and maintenance procedures is integral to making sure you get the most out of your purchase. While keeping your two-way radios cleaned and addressing physical issues is helpful, internal maintenance care can often be overlooked. By regularly testing and tuning your equipment, you can ensure your radios will have a long life and your investment is well placed. 

How can I tell if my radio is operating at full capacity?

Modern digital systems require more fine tuning than analog systems of the past. Luckily, as digital two-way radios have developed at a rapid rate, the equipment to verify their functionality has followed suit. Tele-Rad uses specialized equipment, specifically the Aeroflex 8800 service monitor, to test radio frequencies and verify that your equipment is functioning at full capacity. When a radio’s digital modulation alignments are balanced, system performance can be maximized. Inversely, an imbalanced digital modulation alignment can degrade performance and accuracy.

How often should I test and tune my equipment?

Per MPSCS recommendation, annual preventative maintenance is encouraged for mobile, portable, and control station two-way radios. Updating firmware is considered preventative maintenance, and is essential to extending the life of your equipment. Fixing bugs, security issues, and glitches will help your device(s) continue to operate reliably and may even allow for new functionality to the hardware. Firmware can often be used to extend some new functionality to old hardware, or at least ensure that a device continues to operate reliably despite its age.

Why should I work with Tele-Rad?

By working with the professionals at Tele-Rad, you can schedule a regular test and tuning maintenance and rest assured that your equipment is operating at capacity. Our highly qualified and certified team can partner with you to ensure your radio is performing at its best using our state of the art equipment. We offer maintenance contracts at standard levels of service as well as custom annual maintenance options. 

A maintenance contract includes the annual test and tune service, as well as other benefits. 

  • Protect Your Investment:
    • Receive firmware updates to avoid cyber security threats
  • Optimize Performance:
    • Keep your radio equipment operating in peak condition
  • Priority Service:
    • Our service contract customers always have first priority
  • Fast Turnaround Time:
    • Have your radio equipment working again, faster
  • No Surprises:
    • Never worry about receiving an unexpected bill again
  • Minimize Downtime:
    • Reduce time lost because of equipment failure
  • Control Repair Costs:
    • Be in control of your radio equipment repair costs

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