Create a Fully Compatible LPR System with Motorola Solutions

Every day that passes, the chances of solving a case become slimmer and slimmer. Witnesses’ memories fade and new cases get added to the pile with fresher evidence, clearer facts and better solvability ratings. To avoid growing your case backlog your options are either solve cases quicker or, ensure they stay relevant with actionable information that you can act on quickly to keep the investigation moving forward.

License plate recognition (LPR) has been used for decades across the world by law enforcement agencies to help generate leads and close cases. LPR camera systems deployed in fixed, portable and mobile configurations take photos of vehicles and accurately extract license plates, make and model data with date, time and GPS. Detections can trigger real-time alerts to improve safety and productivity, but more importantly, can be searched and analyzed to uncover insights that aid investigations and inform future decisions.

To be most effective with your LPR program you will need cameras that are designed for the results you want to achieve. By utilizing the Motorola ecosystem, various cameras, mobile applications and even LPR integrations for existing camera systems can work together to provide data that makes a difference.

Click on the images below to learn more about how each product can be integrated into your LPR system

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