The New Versatile Siren Controller That Can Convert Your System from Analog to 800 MHz

The Prism P25 Siren Controller is a high-performance audio and visual warning system that is designed to provide effective emergency alerts for public safety and emergency vehicles. It is a versatile siren controller that is compatible with a wide range of siren speakers and LED lights, making it a popular choice for law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services.

Analog Systems have served communities for many years, but newer, more capable systems, such as P25 offer many more advantages and are quickly replacing the older analog systems. 

Why P25?

  • Reliability: Systems are built with a high degree of redundancy ensuring message reliability.
  • Professionally Monitored and Maintained: Given the critical nature of Public Safety communications any system anomaly has to be addressed quickly to ensure minimum service interruption.
  • Secure Communications: Provides secure communications to protect against malicious intervention.
  • Superior RF Coverage: Administrators are continuously investing in improved RF coverage and services

Why Consider the MPSCS Controller?

  • Supports Multiple Systems: In addition to P25, the MPSCS supports legacy analog environments thereby allowing operation on a legacy system with seamless transition to P25.
  • Fully Integrated for High Reliability: One PCB supports multiple systems. 
  • Ease of P25 Integration: Due to the MPSCS software design, it will have no impact on the P25 System Resources. 
  • Status Reporting: The MPSCS supports internet and ¾G LTE interfaces which can be used for alternative activation control and/or operational status reporting. 
  • Upgradeable: Its hardware modularity and software designed radio designs allows for ease of upgrade or redeployment. 

Want to learn more?

Contact us today for more information on the Prism P25 Siren Controller!

The P25 Siren Controller, due to its Multiprotocol RF Receivers and Multi-Mode capabilities, can be integrated into an existing Analog Siren network and then easily be converted to P25 control.

Tele-Rad is proud to partner with Prism IPX to service and install this equipment. If you’re interested in a demonstration of this integrated solution, please contact us!

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