Streamline and Automate Your Technology Ecosystem with Our Workflow and Integration Software, Orchestrate

Simple, user-friendly, cloud based technology – organized to maximize your communications, video and software management experience. Orchestrate is designed to do all the work for you. It allows you to integrate disconnected processes, fully manage and optimize workflows and deliver a consistent response every time. The number and complexity of workflows can scale to meet the needs of your operations. With Orchestrate, you can save time and use your Motorola Ecosystem to its fullest capabilities. 

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Safety Reimagined

Motorola Solutions has created a number of security solutions capable of seamlessly integrating. Their concept is deemed, “Safety Reimagined”, and the Orchestrate platform is capable of unifying all of these security solutions such as video, radio, and software. The four pillars of Safety Reimagined – detect, analyze, communicate, and respond can all be automated with Orchestrate. 


  • Automatically monitor remote areas and maximize resources.
  • Securely harvest operational data 24/7.


  • Leverage and evaluate real-time data.
  • Provide actionable alerts based on trigger type.


  • Set up role- based workflows.
  • Initiate trigger-conditional logic.


  • Set up role- based workflows.
  • Initiate trigger-conditional logic.

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Safety reimagined is taking “safety first” to the next level. Take a moment and imagine a situation where the camera system can detect potential incidents,automatically alert radio systems for teams to respond, and log the details in incident management software, enabling coordinated efforts and better outcomes. Contact us today to learn more!

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